Company introduction


Our company (Shanghai U-times) was established in 2005, and always focus on many kinds of special chemicals supply to our customers. Our main products are: Special carbon black and Conductive masterbatches, sythetic precipated barium sulfate, PET fiber TiO2, Pigment surface treatment agents, and additives in coatings and inks, etc. We supply products in controled and stable quality. Our knowledge in products differentiation will help us a lot to serve in different industries.

U-TIMES team has many years of working experience in chemical industries, and the core members has over 30 years of chemical R&D experience and over 15 years expereince in international tradings. We only focus on Niche Market, and always try to provide our customized servies. Product Applications

Fibers, thin films: We provide UTIMES® TiO2 to be used in semi-dull or full dull fibers. We also provide CHEZACARB® conductive carbon black for PET spinning, and PCBL® carbon black for spining coloring.Moreover, we also have UTIMES® nano grade precipitated barium sulfate to be used in high transparent PE films, etc.

PPlasctics & rubbers: U-TIMES has been one of the main carbon black suppliers in China, and we provide CHEZACARB® high conductive carbon black AC series, and MAKROPLUS® CC conductive masterbatches etc.

Oatings & inks: We supply UTIMES® barium sulfate specially used in car finishes and electronic coatings, and canister coatings, PCB inks etc. Food contact materials: We supply FDA approval TiO2 in food contact materials. Pigment agents: We are the sole distributer of PRECISION®,TRIMET® agents in pigment industries in China.

Conductive masterbatches